Hall-Carpenter Archives / Lesbian and Gay Newsmedia Archive

Lesbian and Gay Research in UK Universities and Colleges

Compiled in 2006 by Oliver Merrington*,
former Webmaster, Hall-Carpenter Archives, London, UK

It is over 10 years since the "Directory of Lesbian and Gay Studies" was published by Ford Hickson at Project Sigma in 1993. This webpage is an update by the former Webmaster at the Hall-Carpenter Archives. The present compiler realises that his choice for inclusion is pretty arbitrary, and that this webpage will never be complete. Lesbian and gay research now exists very widely in the UK - and is often not described as such - it also is very dispersed. Note that the "research" quoted below may not be the principal interest of the academic concerned, just that of interest to the Archives. Those people marked * appeared in Ford's 1993 Directory.

University of Bath
Department of European Studies and Modern Languages

Dr Steve Wharton*
Senior Lecturer in French and Communication

Homosexuality in Britain and France; Gay and Lesbian Activism in Britain and France; The Pink Economy

University of Birmingham

1. Centre for European Languages and Cultures

Professor Alexandra Hughes
Professor of Twentieth-Century French Literature

Post-war gay and lesbian writing; gender and French film

Author/editor of:
Heterographies: Sexual Difference in French Autobiography (Berg, 1999)
Gay Signatures (Berg, 1998) [with Owen Heathcote and James S. Williams]
French Erotic Fiction (Berg, 1996) [with Kate Ince]

2. Department of Theology & Religion

Dr Deryn Guest
Lecturer in Biblical Hermeneutics

Gender and sexuality and its relation to Theology and Biblical Studies. Runs website on Que[e]rying Theology (via username/password)

Author of:
The Queer Bible Commentary (SCM Press, 2006) [with Bob Goss, Mona West and Tom Bohache]
When Deborah Met Jael: Lesbian Biblical Hermeneutics (SCM Press, 2005)

University of Bradford

1. Department of Languages and European Studies

Dr Owen Heathcote*
Honorary Visiting Reader in Modern French Studies

Honoré de Balzac; modern and contemporary French literature and film, especially the representation of gender and violence

Owen was Joint Editor (with Renate Gunther) of a special issue of 'Modern and Contemporary France' (2006) entitled: 'Gays and Lesbians in Contemporary France: Politics, Media, Sexualities'.

Author/editor of:
Gay Signatures: Gay and Lesbian Theory, Fiction and Film in France, 1945-1995 (Berg, 1998) [with Alex Hughes and James Williams]

2. Department of Social Sciences and Humanities

Clare Beckett
Lecturer in Social Policy

Runs course: MA Gender and Womens Studies

Sexuality and identity; Disabilities; Social policy and communities
She carried out doctoral research looking at questions of identity among lesbians who ‘came out’ late in life.

Univesity of Brighton
School of Computing, Mathematical and Information Sciences

Ms Irmi Karl
Principal Lecturer in Media and Communication Studies

Sexuality and gender in relation to the consumption of information and communication technologies (ICTs); the sexual and class politics of popular media forms, such as reality television.

A founding member of the Brighton and Sussex Sexualities Research Network (BSSN).

University of Bristol

1. Department of Drama: Theatre, Film, Television

Dr Glyn Davis
Senior Lecturer in Screen Studies

gender, sexuality and the media; New Queer Cinema

Author of:
Queer as Folk: BFI TV Classics (BFI, 2007)

2. Department of Italian

Professor Derek Duncan*
Professor of Italian Cultural Studies

Gender and sexuality in twentieth century Italian literature and film; questions of race and sexuality

Author of:
Reading and Writing Italian Homosexuality: a case of possible difference (Ashgate, 2005)

2. Department of Theology and Religious Studies

Dr Sean Gill
Senior Lecturer in Theology and Religious Studies

History and theology of sexuality, and of gender, since 1800

Author/editor of:
Masculinity and Spirituality in Victorian Culture (Palgrave Macmillan, 2000)
Campaining for Justice, Truth and Love: A History and Reader of the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement (Cassell, 1998)

Cardiff University / Prifysgol Caerdydd

1. School of Social Sciences

1.1 Tony Coxon Prof. Tony Coxon* is an Honorary Professor at Cardiff University, and also Emeritus Professor of Sociological Research Methods, University of Wales (since 1988) and Professorial Research Fellow, University of Edinburgh (since 2002).

Grammar and structure of sexual acts, and risk behaviour; male homosexual/bisexual lifestyles; minority sexual communities

See also his personal website

Author: Gay Men's Sexual Diaries project For his earlier published works, see the list on his personal website

1.2 Prof. Debbie Epstein
Professor of Social Science

Childhood and youth studies, particularly sexuality, gender and race in education and in popular culture, and the cultural politics of education. The construction of sexual identities, particularly in the context of educational institutions, popular culture and policy making. Heterosexuality and the light that the experience of queer people can throw on how it is held in place as an institution. How children manage, perceive and negotiate intimate, familial/friendly and romantic/quasi-romantic relationships. Gender and HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa.

Author of:
Silenced Sexualities in Schools and Universities (Trentham Books, 2003) [with Sarah O’Flynn and David Telford]
Schooling Sexualities (Open University Press, 1998) [with Richard Johnson]
(translation: Sexualidades e Institución Escolar, 2000)

1.3 Research students:

David Clarke: The experiences of gay male nursing students

Penny Miles: lesbian, gay and bisexual citizenship in Latin America

Alex Mylles: The making of group identities: a case study of identity work in Stonewall Cymru

University of Dundee
Department of Politics

Dr Richard Dunphy*
Senior Lecturer in Politics

Irish politics and sexual politics

Author of:
Sexual Politics (Edinburgh University Press, 2000)

University of Durham
Department of Theology and Religion

Gerard Loughlin Dr Gerard Loughlin
Senior Lecturer in Theology

Christianity and contemporary culture; theology and sexuality; cinematic treatment of spirituality and sexuality, Christian gender.

Author/editor of:
Queer Theology: Rethinking the Western Body (Blackwell, 2007)
Alien Sex: The Body and Desire in Cinema and Theology (Blackwell, 2004)
Sex These Days: Essays in Theology, Sexuality and Society (Sheffield Academic Press/Continuum, 1997)

An editor of "Theology and Sexuality" (journal)

University of East Anglia
School of Film and Television Studies

Professor Yvonne Tasker
Professor of Film and Television Studies
Head of the School of Film and Television Studies (in 2007)

Questions of gender, sexuality and race in popular cinema; the representation of military women in cinema since WWII;

Author of:
Working Girls: Gender and Sexuality in Popular Cinema (Routledge, 1998)
Spectacular Bodies: Gender, Genre and the Action Cinema (Routledge, 1993)

University of Essex

1. Department of Literature, Film, and Theatre Studies

Roger Moss*
Senior Teaching Fellow,
in the Centre for Theatre Studies

Cross-dressing in Shakespeare; gay rhetoric in Wilde; the fiction of Joyce and Woolf

2. Department of Sociology

2.1 Ken PlummerKen Plummer*
Professor of Sociology

Sociology and politics of the personal life - looking at bodies, identities, relationships, sexualities and emotions. Intimacies and sexualities.

Author/editor of:
Sexualities (Routledge, 2002) 4 volumes
Telling Sexual Stories (1995)
For his earlier works, please see Knitting Circle: Sociology

2.2 Dr Róisín Ryan Flood
Research Fellow

Gender and queer theory

2.3 PhD student

Marianthi Lianou: Straight hosts, lesbian guests: identity, community and the negotiation of space in a tourist locality

University of Exeter
Centre for the Interdisciplinary Study of Sexuality and Gender in Europe

Professor Lisa Downing
Professor of French Discourses of Sexuality
Director of the CISSGE

History and theories of sexuality; modern critical theory, particularly psychoanalysis, queer theory and ethics. Sexuality and death.

Lisa co-moderates the Critical Sexology mailing list and manages its website.

Author/editor of:
From Perversion to Purity: The Stardom of Catherine Deneuve (Manchester University Press, 2007) [with Sue Harris]
Perversion: Psychoanalytic Perspectives/ Perspectives on Psychoanalysis (Karnac Books, 2006) [with Dany Nobus]

University of Gloucestershire
School of Art, Media & Design

Dr Robin Griffiths
Senior Lecturer in Film Studies

Queer analyses of film and media culture, homosexuality in sixties British Cinema, pornography and sex tourism in post-Communist Eastern Europe, the New Queer Cinema.

Author/editor of:
British Queer Cinema (Routledge, 2006, new edition)
Queer Cinema in Europe (Intellect Books, 2004)
New Queer Cinema: Beyond the Celluloid Closet (Wallflower Press, 2004)

Keele University
School of Law

Prof. Andrew Sharpe
Professor of Law

Sexuality and the law, with a particular focus on transgender

Author of:
Transgender Jurisprudence: Dysphoric Bodies of Law (Cavendish, 2002)

University of Kent
AHRC Research Centre for Law, Gender and Sexuality

Note: Centre staff and students are based in Universities of Kent, Keele or Westminster

1. Prof. Davina Cooper*
Professor of Law and Political Theory, Kent Law School and
Director, AHRC Centre for Law, Gender and Sexuality

Feminist political theory, social and cultural diversity, lesbian and gay studies

Davina conducted an ESRC funded project into lesbian and gay policy-making and equality within local government between 1991 and 2001, and has written other pieces on lesbian and gay state theory / analysis, and on lesbian and gay partnerships.

Author of:
Challenging Diversity: Rethinking Equality and the Value of Difference (Cambridge University Press, 2004)
Sexing the City: Lesbian and Gay Politics within the Activist State (Rivers Oram Press, 1994)

2. Prof. Didi Herman*
Professor of Law and Social Change, Kent Law School

Author of:
Rights of Passage: Struggles for Lesbian and Gay Legal Equality (University of Toronto Press, 1996)

Lancaster University

1. Department of Applied Social Science

Prof. Sue Wise
Professor of Social Work

Equal opportunities; feminist theory; lesbian and gay issues in social policy

2. Department of Linguistics and Modern English

Dr Paul Baker

Corpus linguistics, language and sexual identities, critical discourse analysis and queer theory. He has made a special study of Polari, a language variety spoken mainly by gay men, female impersonators, theatre people, sea-queens (gay men in the merchant navy) up until the 1970s in the UK.

Author of:
Public Discourses of Gay Men (Routledge, 2005)
Hello Sailor (Pearson, 2003) [with J. Stanely]
Fantabulosa: A Dictionary of Polari and Gay Slang (Continuum, 2002)
Polari: The Lost Language of Gay Men (Routledge, 2002)

3. Management School

Dr Lewis Turner
Research Fellow, Centre for Excellence in Leadership

Social exclusion and inequality, transgender, sexualities, masculinities and femininities, identities, the body, ‘hate crimes’, social organisation of sexual minorities.

4. Department of Sociology

Prof. Jackie Stacey*
Professor in Women's Studies and Cultural Studies, Head of Department

Gender and sexualities, culture and media since 1990

Author of:
Feminism and Sexuality (Sage, 2000)

University of Leeds

1. Centre for Interdisciplinary Gender Studies

Prof. Sasha Roseneil
Professor in Sociology and Gender Studies

founding Director of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Gender Studies

Social and cultural theory - particularly feminist and queer theory; analysis of changing relations of gender, sexuality, intimacy and sociability; queer feminist archeology of Greenham Common. (Prof. Roseneil lived at the Greenham Common camp, 1983-84

Author of:
Common Women, Uncommon Practices: The Queer Feminisms of Greenham (Cassell, 2000)
Disarming Patriarchy: Feminism and Political Action at Greenham (Open University Press, 1995)

2. School of English

Prof. Paul Hammond*
Professor of Seventeenth-Century English Literature

Seventeenth-century literature and thought, especially the literature of homosexual relationships

Author of:
Figuring Sex between Men from Shakespeare to Rochester (Clarendon Press, 2002)
Love Between Men in English Literature (Macmillan, 1996)

3. School of Modern Languages and Cultures: Spanish and Portugese

Dr Richard Cleminson*
Senior Lecturer in Spanish

History of sexuality in Spain (1850 to the present); the history of male homosexuality, eugenics, nudism, technology and sexuality and hermaphroditism

Author of:
Techno-Sexual Landscapes: Changing Relations between Technology and Sexuality (Free Association Books, 2004) [with Ángel Gordo López]
Anarchism, Science and Sex: Eugenics in Eastern Spain , 1900-1937 (Peter Lang, 2000).

De Montfort University, Leicester
School of Applied Social Sciences

Dr Julie Fish
Senior Lecturer in Social Work

Lesbian health; LGBT policymaking in health and social care; theorising heterosexism

Author of:
Heterosexism in Health & Social Care (Palgrave, October 2006)

University of Leicester
Department of Sociology

Dr Tim Edwards*
Lecturer in Sociology

Gender studies, and particularly analyses of masculinity, sexuality, fashion and consumer culture

Author of:
Men In The Mirror: Men's Fashion, Masculinity and Consumer Society (Cassell, 1997)

University of Liverpool

1. School of Archaeology, Classics and Egyptology

Keith J Matthews

Keith is also Chester County Archaeologist.

PhD research on "The archaeology of marginal and deviant groups".

Runs a website on ‘Fringe’ or ‘Cult’ Archaeology

2. School of History

Dr Matt Houlbrook
Lecturer in Modern British History

Social and cultural history of 20th century Britain, with particular emphasis on gender, sexualities and modern urban life

Author of:
Queer London: Space, Identities and Male Practices, 1918-57 (University of Chicago Press, 2005)
Gay and Lesbian History at the National Archives: An Introduction (Last updated: June 2004) [NA Research Guide, leaflet]

Bishopsgate Institute, London

The Lesbian and Gay Newsmedia Archive (LAGNA) is in the Library of the BBishopsgate Institute, in the City of London. It was previously called the Hall-Carpenter Archives Press Cuttings Collection, and was based at Middlesex University.

HLF funding in 2004-2005 for LAGNA at Middlesex University resulted in three members of staff:
Robert Thompson, Outreach Officer and Volunteer Coordinator;
Norena Shopland, Cataloguer;
Oliver Merrington, Webmaster (based in Cambridge);
the late Tim Parry, was the Project Manager.

University of London, Birkbeck College

1. School of History, Classics and Archaeology

1.1 Dr Harry Cocks
Lecturer in Modern British History

The history of Britain since 1750, especially the history of gender and sexuality; the history of heterosexuality and consumerism, in particular the obscene print culture of twentieth century Britain, courtship, gender and advertising, the historiography of sexuality and gender, urban culture, romantic friendship and the connections between sexuality and spirituality.

Author/editor of:
The Modern History of Sexuality (Palgrave, December 2005) [with Matt Houlbrook]
Nameless Offences: Homosexual Desire in the 19th Century (I.B. Tauris, 2003)

1.2 Dr Matt Cook
Lecturer in History

is based in The School of Continuing Education

The history of sexuality; twentieth century diarists and their shifting conceptualizations of sex and sexuality

Matt is also editing a new Gay History of Britain.

Author of:
London and the Culture of Homosexuality (Cambridge University Press, 2003)

2. School of Law

2.1 Professor Leslie Moran*
Professor of Law

Hate crime, sexuality; gender and law; lesbian and gay experiences of homophobic violence and safety

Author/editor of:
Sexuality and the politics of violence and safety (Routledge, 2003)
Legal Queeries (Cassells, 1998)
The Homosexual(ity) of Law (Routledge, 1996)

2.2 Dr Elena Loizidou
Lecturer in Law

feminist and queer theory, criminal law and criminal justice

2.3 Daniel Monk
Lecturer in Law

Education law, including sex education; sexuality and criminal justice; consent and the politics of HIV/AIDS;

Author of:
Feminist Perspectives on Child Law (Cavendish Publishing, 2000) [co-edited with Jo Bridgeman]
Legal Queeries: Lesbian, Gay and Transgender Legal Studies (Cassell, 1998) [co-edited with Leslie Moran and Sarah Beresford]

University of London, Goldsmiths College
Drama Department

Brian Roberts*
Senior Lecturer

Gay theatre; theatre education

Teaches course on: "Theatre and Sexual Politics"

University of London, Institute of Education
Centre for Research and Education on Gender

Prof. Diana Leonard
Professor of Sociology of Education and Gender

Gender (and sexuality, race, class and disability) and education

University of London, King's College London (KCL)

1. American Studies

Prof. John Howard
Professor of American Studies

The historical production of human differences and their attendant social and material inequalities. Also the ways in which differences become productive mechanisms of affiliation, identity, coalition, and struggle. Informed by queer, feminist, critical race, and spatial theory, his work is engaged primarily with the categories we now know as sexuality, gender, race, and region.

Author of:
Men Like That: A Southern Queer History (University of Chicago Press, 1999)
Carryin' On in the Lesbian and Gay South (New York University Press, 1997)

2. Classics Department

Dr Rebecca Flemming
Lecturer in Ancient History

Women and Gender in the Classical World

3. English Department

3.1 Dr Bob Mills
Lecturer in English

Modern critical theory, especially gender studies, queer theory and psychoanalysis

Editor of:
Troubled Vision: Gender, Sexuality, and Sight in Medieval Text and Image (Palgrave Macmillan, 2004) [with Emma Campbell]

3.2 Dr Mark Turner
Reader in English

Queer studies; Victorian literature and culture

Author of:
Backward Glances: Cruising Queer Streets in New York and London (Reaktion, 2003)

4. Department of History

Dr Laura Gowing
Reader in Early Modern History

The history of women, gender and sexuality in early modern England

5. School of Law

Dr Robert Wintemute*
Professor of Human Rights Law

Anti-discrimination law, sexual orientation and the law

Author of:
Legal Recognition of Same-Sex Partnerships (Hart, 2001) [with Mads Andenas]
Sexual Orientation and Human Rights (Clarendon Press, 1997)

University of London, London School of Economics

1. Gender Institute

1.1 Dr Clare Hemmings
Senior Lecturer in Gender Theory & Gender Studies

Research: the significance of bisexuality for sexuality studies

author/editor of:
The Bisexual Imaginary (Cassell, 1997)
Bisexual Spaces: a Geography of Sexuality and Gender (Routledge, 2002).

1.2 Carolyn Williams
Research student

Homophobia, sexual rights and development: challenging heteronormativity in international development thinking and practice.

2. LSE Archives in the LSE Library

In 1988 the core collections, i.e. the organisation records and periodicals, of the Hall-Carpenter Archives were moved to the archives of LSE Library. The archivist there is Sue Donnelly.

University of London, Royal Holloway (RHUL)

1. Department of Hispanic Studies

Prof David Vilaseca
Professor of Hispanic Studies

Modern Spanish and Catalan Literature; Autobiography and Queer Theory.

Author of:
Hindsight and the Real: Subjectivity in Gay Hispanic Autobiography. (Peter Lang, 2003)

2. Department of French

Prof James Williams
Director of Graduate Studies

Modern French literature, cinema, and gender studies. Gay and lesbian theory.

3. Media Arts

Prof Mandy Merck
Professor of Media Arts

Screen representation of sex, gender and sexual identity

Mandy was Series Editor of Channel 4's 'Out on Tuesday' and the former editor of the British film and television journal 'Screen'

Author/editor of:
In Your Face: Nine Sexual Studies (New York University Press, 2000)
Perversions: Deviant Readings (Virago / Routledge, 1993)
Coming Out of Feminism? (Blackwell, 1998) [co-edited with Naomi Segal and Elizabeth Wright]

University of London, Queen Mary (QMUL)

1. School of Modern Languages

1.1 Dr Josep-Anton Fernàndez
Senior Lecturer in Catalan

Modern Catalan literature, culture, film and television; lesbian and gay studies

Author/editor of:
Another Country: Sexuality and National Identity in Catalan Gay Fiction (Maneys, for the Modern Humanities Research Association, 2000)
El gai saber: Introducció als estudis gais i lèsbics (Llibres de l'Índex, 2000)

1.2 Robert Gillett*
Senior Lecturer in German

German and Austrian gay and queer literature and film; Hubert Fichte

University of London, University College (UCL)

1. Department of English

Hugh Stevens
Senior Lecturer in English

Gender and sexuality and nineteenth- and twentieth-century British and American literature

Author/editor of:
Modernist Sexualities (Manchester University Press, 2000) [with Caroline Howlett]
Henry James and Sexuality (Cambridge University Press, 1998)

2. Department of French

James Agar
Lecturer in French and Comparative Literature

Member of the Centre for Intercultural Studies, UCL.

Cultural theory; cultural discourses of AIDS; gender studies, especially gay studies and queer theory

London South Bank University

1. Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences

1.1 Jeffrey WeeksProf. Jeffrey Weeks*
Professor of Sociology
Executive Dean, Faculty of of Arts & Human Sciences

History and social organisation of sexualities, values and interpersonal relationships.

Author of:
Same Sex Intimacies: Families of Choice and other Life Experiments, (Routledge, 2001)
Making Sexual History (Polity Press, 1999)
Between the Acts: Lives of Homosexual Men 1885-1967 (Rivers Oram Press, 1998)
Invented Moralities: Sexual Values in an Age of Uncertainty, (Polity Press, 1995)
For his earlier works, please see Knitting Circle: Sociology

1.2 Dr Meg Barker
Senior Lecturer

Department of Psychology

Management of alternative relationship structures and identity construction in members of minority sexual communities, such as bisexual, non-monogamous and SM communities.

Meg is honorary secretary of the Lesbian and Gay Psychology section of the British Psychology Society and co-edits their publication, Lesbian and Gay Psychology Review (LGPR). She has co-edited special issues of The Psychologist (on sexualities) and LGPR (on SM).

1.3 Tina Grigoriou
Research Assistant

Families & Social Capital ESRC Research Group

Friendship dynamics between gay men and heterosexual women

1.4 Philip Gatter*
Visiting Research Fellow

Faculty of of Arts and Human Sciences

Health, identity and sexuality. Psychosexual problems.

Philip is currently Research and Academic Co-ordinator for South London and Maudsley NHS Trust; and is sexual health editor for "Community Care: Research Matters" (a six-monthly digest of research in social care).

Author of:
Identity and Sexuality: AIDS in Britain in the 1990s (Cassell, 1999)
Research in AIDS Care: an annotated bibliography of social research in HIV and AIDS care in the United Kingdom (NAM Publications, 1996) [with Rayah Feldman and Ruth Garside]

2. Faculty of Health and Social Care

2.1 Dr Bob Cant
Senior Research Fellow

Socially excluded communities and population groups, notably health-related features of gay men's social networks.

Author of:
Invented Identities? Lesbians and gay men talk about migration (Cassell, 1997)
Footsteps and Witnesses: Lesbian and Gay Lifestories from Scotland (1993)
Radical Records: Thirty Years of Lesbian and Gay History, 1957-1987 (1988)

Loughborough University
Department of Social Sciences

Prof. Sue Wilkinson*
Professor of Feminist and Health Studies

Conversation analysis of healthcare interactions, ‘everyday’ talk about health and illness; expression of emotions (such as surprise, sympathy, delight, disgust) in talk-in-interaction.

With the support of the human rights organisation, Liberty, Sue and her wife, Celia Kitzinger (see under University of York), are bringing a legal case to gain recognition of their Canadian marriage as a marriage in the UK (and not as a civil partnership).

Author of:
Feminism and Discourse (Sage, 1995) [with Celia Kitzinger]
Representing the Other (Sage, 1996) [with Celia Kitzinger]

University of Manchester

1. Politics

Dr Angelia Wilson*
Lecturer in Politics

The challenge lesbian and gay citizens pose to social and political values of 'family'

Author/editor of:
Below The Belt: Sexuality, Religion and the American South (Continuum, 2000)
A Simple Matter of Justice? Theorizing Lesbian & Gay Politics (Cassell, 1994)
Activating Theory: Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Politics, (Lawrence & Wishart, 1993) [with Joseph Bristow]

2. Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies

2.1 Prof. Chris Perriam*
Professor of Hispanic Studies, and Chair of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies

Queer writing in Spain; contemporary Spanish cinema

Author of:
From Banderas to Bardem: Stars and Masculinities in Recent Spanish Cinema (Oxford University Press, 2003)

2.2 Research Student

Gustavo Subero: Gay Representation in the New Latin American Cinema

Manchester Metropolitan University

1. Department of Environmental and Geographical Sciences

Dr Jon Binnie*
Senior Lecturer in Geography

Sexuality and space; sexual citizenship; globalization of sexuality

Author of:
The Globalization of Sexuality (Sage, 2004)
Pleasure Zones: Bodies, Cities, Spaces (Syracuse University Press, 2001) [with Bell, D., Holliday, R., Longhurst, R. and Peace, R.]

2. The Institute for Culture, Gender and the City

Stephen Whittle
Reader in Law

Legal theory, law and research concerning (trans)gender identities and sexual orientation. Also gender theory.

Author/editor of:
A Transgender Studies Reader (Taylor & Francis: Routledge, 2006)
Respect and Equality: Transsexual and Transgender Rights (Cavendish Publishing, 2002)
The Transgender Debate: The Crisis Surrounding Gender Identities (South Street Press, 2000)

Middlesex University

The Lesbian and Gay Newsmedia Archive (LAGNA) was formerly at Middlesex University, (Cat Hill campus) until January 2011. Judy Vaknin is the University Archivist, and ois also Secretary of LAGNA.

University of Newcastle
International Centre for Music Studies

1. Dr Paul Attinello
Lecturer in Music

Music about AIDS; lesbian and gay issues in music

Paul created and co-edited the first three volumes of the "Newsletter of the Gay and Lesbian Study Group of the American Musicological Society", has contributed to a book on Lesbian and Gay Musicology, and was co-founder of San Francisco's "Society of Gay and Lesbian Composers".

2. Dr Ian Biddle
Head of Music

Ian is also Director of the CETL 'Inclusivity in Contemporary Musical Culture', and a member of the Centre for Gender and Women's Studies.

Music and gender; music and queer theory; music and masculinity in Western art music

University of Northampton
English Department

1. Dr Ian McCormick*
Senior Lecturer in English

Eighteenth-Century Literature, the Grotesque and the History of Sexuality

Author of:
Sexual Outcasts (Routledge, 2000) [4 volumes]
Secret Sexualities: A Sourcebook of 17th and 18thC Writing (Macmillan, 1997)

2. Dr Alison Oram*
Reader in Gender Studies

Women’s cross-dressing and the popular press 1914-1960s; the heritage industry and representations of lesbianism; the journal Urania 1916-1940; British lesbian history, especially in the period 1930-1970; The Minorities Research Group and Arena Three in the 1960s.

Author of:
The Lesbian History Source Book: Love and Sex Between Women in Britain 1780-1970 (Routledge, 2001) [with Annmarie Turnbull]

Nottingham Trent University

1. School of Arts, Communication and Culture

1.1 Greg WoodsProf Gregory Woods*
Professor of Gay and Lesbian Studies

Appointed the first Professor of Lesbian and Gay Studies in the UK, in 1998.

history of gay and lesbian cultural networks in the 20th century; gay and lesbian popular culture during the AIDS epidemic

Author of:
A History of Gay Literature: The Male Tradition (Yale University Press, 1999)
[Spanish translation: Historia de la Literatura Gay [Madrid: Akal, 2001]
This is No Book: A Gay Reader (Mushroom Books, 1994)
Articulate Flesh: Male Homo-eroticism and Modern Poetry (Yale University Press, 1989)

Member, editorial board: PerVersions (1994-1996)
Member, advisory board: European Gay Review (1986-1989)

1.2 Dr Elizabeth Morrish
Subject Leader of Linguistics

Using linguistic evidence, data drawn from lesbian and gay conversations and narratives, representations of lesbians in film and erotic fiction, representations of prominent gay men in newspaper reports, we exemplify how lesbians and gay men construct identity from among the symbolic resources available within the lesbian and gay communities. Proposes that lesbian and gay discourse is situated discourse, and that meaning is created in context.

2. School of Social Sciences

2.1 Dr Andrew Yip*
Reader in Sociology

Contemporary sexual (particularly lesbian, gay and bisexual) identities; older lesbians and gay men; lesbian and gay Muslims and Christians

Author of:
Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Lives over 50. (York House Publications, 2003)
Gay Male Christian Couples: Life Stories, (Praeger, 1997)

Open University
Faculty of Social Sciences

Dr Darren Langdridge
Lecturer in Social Psychology

The construction of 'new' sexual identities; qualitative (hermeneutic phenomenological) research on young gay men's expectations of fatherhood; construction of sadomasochistic sexual identities; the erotic construction of power exchange.

University of Portsmouth
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Sigma Research (based in London)

Various staff members including Peter Weatherburn* (Director), Ford Hickson* and Peter Keogh. The founders included Professor Tony Coxon* and Peter Davies*.

Research and development:
Projects concerned with the impact of HIV and AIDS on the sexual and social lives of a variety of populations.

University of Plymouth
School of Sociology, Politics and Law

Dr Gill Dunne
Senior Lecturer in Sociology

Gender, work and family life from the perspective of non-heterosexual people; lesbian motherhood and gay fatherhood

Gill co-directed a documentary called 'My Gay Husband' for Channel Four, shown in 2000. Her work has been used to inform policy-making and legal reform in Spain, Denmark, Germany and Sweden.

Author of:
Living Difference: Lesbian Perspectives on Work and Family Life (Haworth Press, 1998)
Lesbian Lifestyles: Women's Work and the Politics of Sexuality (MacMillan, 1997)

University of Reading
School of Law

Prof. Carl Stychin*
Professor of Law, and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Enterprise)

Gender, Sexuality and Law

Author of:
Governing Sexuality: The Changing Politics of Citizenship and Law Reform (Hart, 2003)

Sheffield Hallam University
School of Social Science and Law

Dr Matthew Waites
Senior Lecturer in Sociology

Lesbian, gay and bisexual sexualities - overlapping themes including gender, youth and childhood, social movements, citizenship, and contemporary social and political theory

Author/editor of:
The Age of Consent: Young People, Sexuality and Citizenship (Palgrave Macmillan, 2005)
Sexualities and Society: A Reader (Polity Press, 2003) [co-edited with Jeffrey Weeks and Janet Holland]

LAGNA has a copy of Dr Waites' PhD thesis - The Age of Consent: Homosexuality and citizenship in the United Kingdom (1885 - 1999) [unpublished, South Bank University]

University of Southampton

1. School of Education

Dr Gill Clarke*
Senior Lecturer in Education

Heterosexism and homophobia in Physical Education; sport - sexuality and gender issues; life stories: women war artists and Women's Land Army

2. History Department

Prof. Mark Cornwall,
Professor of Modern European History

Male homosexuality and male bonding in the Bohemian lands and Czechoslovakia c.1900-1970. The Sudeten German nationalist politician and youth leader, Heinz Rutha, e.g. issues of same-sex relationships and male bonding in the German Bohemian youth movement. Homosexual persecution in the occupied Sudetenland 1938-1945.

Staffordshire University
Faculty of Arts, Media and Design

Dr John Mercer
Principal Lecturer in Media, Journalism and Cultural Studies

Issues of gender and sexuality, aesthetics and representations of the body, the pornography debate, melodrama

John is the convenor of a network for scholars researching sexual representation for NECS (Network for European Cinema Studies).

University of Strathclyde
Department of Geography and Sociology

Dr. Momin Rahman
Lecturer in Sociology

Dialectics of queer visibility in sports celebrities; ‘Hetero-topia’ in celebrity culture; cultural, political and ontological space that sexuality occupies in late modernity

Author of:
Sexuality and Democracy: Identities and Strategies in Lesbian and Gay Politics. (Edinburgh University Press, 2000)

University of Sunderland
Centre for Research in Media and Cultural Studies

Dr Niall Richardson
Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies

Queer theory; the Body (especially theories of bodybuilding); Representation of sexuality in film and popular culture

University of Surrey

1. Department of Psychology

1.1 Dr Adrian Coyle*
Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Lesbian and gay psychology, especially sexual identity and psychological well-being and lesbian and gay affirmative therapy

1.2 Dr Peter Hegarty
Lecturer in Psychology

Peter is interested in the intersection of queer theory with experimental psychology. Some of his work examines non-essentialized categories (called 'category norms') that we think with when we do scientific reasoning. Another strand examines the relationship between essentialist beliefs about sexual and gender minorities and prejudice. Third, he researches the history of psychologists' studies of lesbians and gay men. Finally, he's written more theoretical articles on how queer theory and psychology might dialogue.

Peter is Committee Chair of the Lesbian and Gay Psychology Section of the British Psychological Society.

1.3 Dr Martin Milton
Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Lesbian and gay affirmative psychotherapy; the place of the therapist's own sexuality

2. Department of Sociology

2.1 Dr Ann Cronin
Lecturer in Sociology

Gender and the social construction of sexual identities; the experiences of older non-heterosexual women

2.2 Dr Nina Wakeford

Reader in Sociology and Social Methodology

Feminist and Queer Theory: Bringing Queer Theory to Actor Network Theory; Cyber-Queer Research

University of Sussex

1. Department of English and Drama

1.1 Dr John McCullough
Associate Lecturer in English Literature / Creative Writing

Homoerotics of male friendship in English Renaissance literature. Writers include Shakespeare, Montaigne, Francis Bacon, John Florio, Edmund Spenser and others.

Author of his own poetry - largely on queer themes - in two pamphlets (Unplugged at Cafe Atlantic (Waterlook, 2004) and Cloudfish (Pighog, 2006).

1.2 Vincent QuinnDr Vincent Quinn
Lecturer in English

Founder of the Centre for the Study of Sexual Dissidence (see below)

Histories of sexuality and gender, especially in relation to twentieth-century Ireland and post-seventeenth-century Britain; contemporary theorisations of lesbian, gay and queer identity.

Convenor: MA in Sexual Dissidence and Cultural Change

1.3 Esther Saxey
Associate Tutor

Member of the Centre for the Study of Sexual Dissidence (see below)

The coming-out story in fiction and autobiography since 1970; homoeroticism in popular culture, including Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Lord of the Rings, and is interested in "slash" (homoerotic fan fiction).

1.4 Prof. Alan Sinfield*
Professor of English

Member of the Centre for the Study of Sexual Dissidence.

Lesbian and gay studies; queer theory; modern theatre; Shakespeare and sexualities.

Author of:
Shakespeare, Authority, Sexuality: Unfinished business in cultural materialism (Routledge, 2006)
Cultural Politics — Queer Reading (2nd edn, Routledge, 2005)
On Sexuality and Power (Columbia University Press, 2004)
Out on Stage: Lesbian and gay theatre in the twentieth century (Yale University Press, 1999)
Gay and After: Gender, Culture and Consumption (Serpent's Tail, 1998)
The Wilde Century: Effeminacy, Oscar Wilde and the Queer Movement (Columbia University Press, 1994)

1.5 Dr. William Spurlin
Senior Lecturer in English

Interdisciplinary research in queer studies and romanticism

Author/editor of:
Imperialism within the Margins: Queer Representation and the Politics of Culture in Southern Africa (State University of New York Press, 2005 - forthcoming)
Lesbian and Gay Studies and the Teaching of English: Positions, Pedagogies, and Cultural Politics (NCTE, 2000)
Reclaiming the Heartland: Lesbian and Gay Voices from the Midwest (University of Minnesota Press, 1996) [with Karen Lee Osborne]

2. Department of History

Dr Lucy Robinson
Associate Tutor

History of sexuality, identity politics and the Left throughout the twentieth century

3. Department of Media & Film Studies

3.l Andy Medhurst
Lecturer in Media and Film Studies

Member of the Centre for the Study of Sexual Dissidence (see below)

British popular culture, gender and sexuality

Author of:
Lesbian and Gay Studies: A Critical Introduction [co-edited with Sally Munt], (Cassell, 1997)
Batman, Deviance and Camp (1991)
Victim: Text as Context (1984)

3.2 Prof Sally Munt*
Professor of Media and Cultural Studies

Member of the Centre for the Study of Sexual Dissidence (see below)

Cultural formations, particularly in how such formations might become spatially lived and practised. She has particular interests in sexuality, gender, class, and has written also on shame.

Author/editor of:
New Lesbian Criticism: Literary and Cultural Readings (Columbia University Press, 1992)
Heroic Desire: Lesbian Identity and Cultural Space (Cassell, 1998)
Butch /Femme: Inside Lesbian Gender (Cassell, 1998)
Lesbian and Gay Studies: A Critical Introduction (Cassell, 1997)

3.3 Elizabeth Thynne
Senior Lecturer in Media and Film Studies

Text and practice-based film research in queer studies; lesbian representation in film and television; womens' employment in television; 'Sister George' and the performance of dykery in the 1960s

Lizzie is a film-maker and has produced work for Channel Four Television, ITV and gallery exhibition. Her documentaries have won awards.

3.4 PhD students

Louise Carolin: An analysis of lesbian and gay magazine publishing - 1980-1995

Sharif Mowlabocus: Chat Rooms and Back Rooms: Exploring the shifts in British gay male sub-culture as a result of new media technologies and practices

4. Law School

Craig Lind
Senior Lecturer in Law

Member of the Centre for the Study of Sexual Dissidence (see below)

The relationship between culture, sexuality and legal regulation (particularly in family law); the way in which sexual identity is understood in other cultures and the ways in which Western regulatory regimes impact upon those identities

5. Centre for the Study of Sexual Dissidence

Professor Jonathan Dollimore*
Honorary Fellow

Sexuality and desire; Renaissance literary culture

Author of:
Death, Desire and Loss in Western Culture (1998).

NB. Additional members of the Centre are listed above.

University of Wales, Aberystwyth / Prifysgol Cymru, Aberystwyth
Department of English

David Shuttleton*
Lecturer in English

Homosexuality in twentieth-century fiction

Author of:
Queer Pastoral: Nature, Homosexuality and Modernity (Continuum International, 2003)
Decentring Sexualities: Politics and Representations Beyond the Metropolis (Routledge, 2000)

University of Wales, Swansea / Prifysgol Cymru, Abertawe

1. Department of History

Dr Dan Healey
Senior Lecturer in History

Gender, sexuality and medicine in nineteenth- and twentieth-century Russia; sexual disorder and forensic medicine in revolutionary Petrograd and Sverdlovsk

Author of:
Homosexual Desire in Revolutionary Russia: The Regulation of Sexual and Gender Dissent (University of Chicago Press, 2001).

2. Department of Politics and International Relations

Dr Sam Chambers,
Lecturer in Politics

Contemporary political theory, focusing on the intersection of culture and politics, and on the theory and practice of gender and sexuality.

University of Warwick

1. Department of Film and Television Studies

1.1 Prof. Richard Dyer*
Professor of Film Studies

Notions of entertainment and representation; Italian and Indian cinema; pre-Stonewall lesbian and gay culture; the queerness of film noir.

Author of:
Heavenly Bodies: Film Stars and Society (Routledge, 2003)
Now You See It: Studies on Lesbian and Gay Film, 2nd edn. (Routledge, 2002)
The Culture of Queers (Routledge, 2001)

1.2 José Arroyo*

Issues of national and sexual representation, Spanish cinema

2. Department of Sociology

Deborah Lynn Steinberg
Reader in the Department of Sociology

Co-Director, Centre for the Study of Women and Gender

Cultures of science, medicine and technology, esp. genetics and reproductive politics, popular and professional cultures, sciences of gender, sexuality, race and nation; Gender and Sexuality, with particular emphasis on feminist, queer and anti-racist theory

Author of:
Border Patrols: Policing the Boundaries of Heterosexuality (Cassell, (1997) [with Debbie Epstein and Richard Johnson]

University of the West of England
School of Sociology

Prof. Tamsin Wilton*
Professor of Human Sexuality

Sexuality, sexual health, HIV/AIDS, gender, lesbian health, lesbian sexuality and identities

Author of:
Sexual (Dis)Orientation: Gender, Sex, Desire and Self-Fashioning (Palgrave/Macmillan, 2004)
Unexpected Pleasures: Leaving Heterosexuality for a Lesbian Life (Diva Books, 2002)

University of Westminster, London
School of Media, Arts and Design

David Gauntlett
Professor of Media and Communications

Runs a Queer Theory website, established in 1998.

Author of:
Media, Gender and Identity: an introduction (Routledge, 2002)

University of Winchester
School of Cultural Studies

Prof. Elizabeth Stuart
Professor of Christian Theology, Director of the Centre for the Study of Theology and Religion

Theologies of sexuality and gender; feminist and queer theology.

Editor: Theology and Sexuality (journal)

Author of:
Gay & Lesbian Theologies: Repetitions & Critical Difference (Ashgate, 2003)
Introducing Body Theology (Sheffield Academic Press and Pilgrim Press, 1998) People of Passion: A Guide to the Sexual Teaching of The Churches (Mowbray, 1997) Religion is a Queer Thing: A Lesbian and Gay Systematic Theology (Cassell/Pilgrim Press, 1997) [with Tim Morrison and John McMahon]
Christian Perspectives on Sexuality and Gender (Gracewing/Eerdmans, 1996) [with Adrian Thatcher]
Just Good Friends: Towards a Lesbian and Gay Theology of Relationships (Mowbray, 1995)
Chosen: Gay Catholic Priests Tell their Stories (Geoffrey Chapman, 1993)

University of Worcester
Institute of Health and Social Care

Margaret Evans,
Research Student

Relate counsellors' perspectives on lesbian, gay and bisexual people and their families.
Analysis of taped Focus groups of Relate counsellors discussing LGB issues. A further strand investigates LGB people who had undergone counselling (not necessarily with Relate), enquiring how they felt they were received and perceived by their counsellor. Further interviews have taken place with Relate Trainers.

University of York
Department of Sociology

Prof. Celia Kitzinger*
Professor of Sociology

Social construction of genders and sexualities through everyday talk in interaction; conversation analysis; same-sex marriage.

With the support of the human rights organisation, Liberty, Celia and her wife, Sue Wilkinson (see under Loughborough University), are bringing a legal case to gain recognition of our Canadian marriage as a marriage in the UK (and not as a civil partnership). For further information see her homepage (above).

Author of:
Changing Our Minds: Lesbian Feminism and Psychology (Onlywomen Press, 1993) [with Rachel Perkins]
Heterosexuality (Sage, 1993) [with Sue Wilkinson]
The Social Construction of Lesbianism (Sage, 1987)


Academics in Lesbian and Gay Studies [A Knitting Circle website by Mike Parker*]

Lesbian and Gay Psychology Section of the British Psychological Society

Queer@King's, University of London

Rowse History Centre on LGBT history. [A Knitting Circle website by Mike Parker*]


Stephen Bourne lives in London.

History of black people on British television; the representation of lesbians and gay men in television; homophobic violence and local policing. For more information see his Knitting Circle webpage

Author of:
Brief Encounters: Lesbians and Gays in British Cinema, 1930-1971 (Cassell, 1996)

Tony CoxonProf. Tony Coxon* lives on the Isle of Islay, Scotland
See his website

Author: Gay Men's Sexual Diaries project For his earlier published works, see Knitting Circle: Sociology

Alison Hennegan lives in Cambridge.

Victorian girlhood (eroticising the maternal, maternalising the erotic); Youth movements and the obsession with cleanliness in twentieth-century Britain; Notions of home and domestic space for homosexual men in Britain in the 1890s

Author of:
The Lesbian Pillow Book (Fourth Estate, 2000)

Dr Rictor Norton lives in North London
and runs a massive website on
Gay history and literature
see this website for his research and list of publications.

Those marked * appeared in the 1993 Directory.

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